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  Bareboat Destination of April

Marmaris is one of the most attractive naturel harbours backed by the rugged pine-clad mountains,with an elegant palm lined promenade leading to a busy marina,splendid beached and acrystal clear sea which is ideal for swimming, water sports and sailing.
Marmaris is one of the most beautiful resorts of the Aegean region and leading yachting centre of the East Mediterranean. Among Turks it is known us "Green Marmaris" because of its landscape that is covered with a pine forests. The Bay of Marmaris is a very well protected naturel post with a pier for ships and several marinas for hundreds of yacths from all over the world.
The town has many modern facilities for tourists apart form intact natural beauties. Moreover the peaople of Marmaris always warmly welcome both the foreign and the local visitors.
After dinner,along the seafront restourants or in and around the town ,you may want to spend the rest of the night at one of the lively bars,discos or nigth clubs located mainly at the Bar Street.
There are many different types excursions ,which complement the visit to Marmaris. These may be half of full day tours ranging from canoe trips,horseback rides,treks,yacht tours,exploring villages ,jeep safari and visit to Ephesus,Pamukkale,Dalyan and Caunos.
Marmaris and its environs boast(have) the coastlines and bays as intricate as fine lace ,where the blue of sea and the sky , and the green of the pine forests embrace one another. Nature exhibits images one more spectacular than the other as far as the eye can see. Sites of natural beauty are available not only far a few months or a mere season,but encompass the whole year and welcome all nature lovers,local and foreigner alike.
Marmaris and its environs are also magnificent and beautiful in terms of nature ,as much as they are rich in and impressive in terms of the archaelogy that sheds light on this past. Aside from the natural beauty of the region,historic Caria and the countless ancient cities in some of their names still continue to elude us carry the centuries -old heritage to the present day. Ancient cities that can be reached and visited a day departing and returning to Marmaris pass on the cultural heritage of Anotalia ,the Aegean and the Mediterranean to the present day.


Marmaris Yacht Marina

Geographic Coordinates

 36° 49' 00" N -  28° 18' 32" E

Marmaris Yacht Marina is located at one of the most attractive maritime parklands in Turkey. Ideal for sailing & water sports. Marmaris Yacht Marina is 2 miles by boat & 8 kms by car far from center of Marmaris (in Mugla Province). In Addition to it's impressive boat handling facilities the Marina boasts 24 Hours security. An Outdor swimming pool, cafe&bar, restaurant serving both international and Turkish Cuisine. Also Library & Laundry services included. Available Luxe Aparts to rent. Free transportation by ferry service between Marmaris & Yacht Marina. Fitness Center is open anytime of day. There are several companies specializing in marina services. Some of them Gino Marine, Anker Marine, Mavi-mar, TMS, Demir Marine etc. Also a Super-Market is available. Free wireless internet conection in your boat or yacht too.

Netsel Marmaris Marina

Geographic Coordinates

36° 51' 02" N - 28° 16' 38" E

Netsel Marina is located in the heart of antiquity and  unsurpassed natural beauty, while remaining     totally unspoilt unlike so many others areas in  the Mediterranean. 
When you  moor in Netsel Marina, it is easy to cruise a relaxed and meandering coastline to outlying villages or a stopover for lunch.  Your cruising will    require a minimum of "Keyif" as we Turks say, which in literal terms means,"Enjoyment".  This means peering  over the side of the  boat and seeing  the sea bottom clearly down to 25 feet. Or, lying on deck  under a full moon and, counting shooting stars in an equally crystal clear Mediterranean sky. In short, this "keyif" is  exactly the reason why you come to Marmaris.
Albatros Marina

Geographic Coordinates :

36′ 50″ N - 28′ 17″ E

Situated in a spot of stunning natural beauty and surrounded by pine trees, Albatros Marina is a pretty and peaceful refuge only 1.5 km from Marmaris town centre. Albatros Marina provides close proximity to all major facilities including shopping, dining, entertainment, accommodation, banking & postal services, transportation and other services. Prices offer you the economic choice for your long and short term stays in our marina. Low year around rates also available for combination long term dry-docking and mooring. Albatros marina was established in 1991 and has been operating successfully ever since. This splendid, village like and peaceful marina can store 260 medium size boats on the hard and another 150 yachts in the sea. Awarded the European Blue Flag in 2000 by F.E.E.E., Albatros Marina is internationally recognised in its continuing efforts to keep the marina clean and safeguard the local environment and wildlife.

Pupa Marina

Geographic Coordinates

36° 49' 48" N / 028° 18' 32" E

The Pupa Yacht Marina is located 4 miles away from the busy city of Marmaris in a beautiful corner of the bay. The small park next to the hotel and its natural beach with crystall clear sea waters meet with green pine woods with the fragrance of liquidambar trees, the entire environment tempting to take a walk or a swim on the spot. The restaurant / bar in the garden offers a large selection of traditional Turkish meals as well as fresh fish and meat dishes, sometimes prepared on the garden barbecue. Next to the marina you will find a large parking area, a taxi service available 24 hours a day and a minibus stop (the Turkish dolmus), where buses leave in 15 minutes intervals starting at 07:00 hrs in the morning until 01:00 hrs at night. The marina features a floating docking system with mooring lines for up to 30 berths where yachts are tied stern to. The berths are spacious enough to allow berth holders to sail their boats whenever they wish without prior co-ordination with other skippers. Each berth has access to a service box providing fresh water and 220 V / 16 Amp. electricity free of charge. If adaptors should be required, just let our Pupa Yacht Office know.

Martı Marina Karacasöğüt  Bağlama İskelesi
Geographic Coordinates
36° 56' 50" N-  28° 11' 28" E
Martı Marina is located 25 km away from Marmaris. It is stuated  nearby ancient sites  Knidos and Caunos. Sailors haven’t  visited before Datça ve Köyceyiz can rent a car and visit this historical places during their cruise. 24 hours hot water,WC, grocery, restaurant and electricity and fresh water facilities for every yatch and boats


The Marmaris Fortress : The Marmaris Fortress is located within the Kemeraltı neigbourhood ,and sits on a high mound by the seashore. Herodotus noted that the historic fortress was first built in 334 BC by the lonians. After alexander conquered the fortress,he had it repaired due to its importance.The passing years and various events wore down the fortress,and it was repaired together with the harbour first during the time of Ibrahim Bey of Menteşe then by Ghazi Ahmet Bey,sovereign of Marmaris. It is a graceful ,square grid structure.
The Marmaris Museum : The Marmaris Museum opened its doors the public in 1991 and is located within the fortress at the city centre.The architectural structure of the fortress is very condocive to being a museum. The artfacts are displayed in two convered halls and in the garden ,in open air. The archaelogical artfacts exhibited in the two convered halls and in the garden has been gathared from the vicinity. Amphorae ,earthenware oil lamps ,glassartefacts weapons ,arrowheads,coins and ornaments from the Hellenistic ,Roman and displays include furniture ,carpets,kilims,ports and various kitchenwares from the later Ottoman period.
Carsi Market: Nestled in the heart of the resort in the shadow of the Ottoman Castle ,the old Carsi Market offers the perferct antidote to out -of-town shoppng malls. The stalls in the old covered market are the place to look for something original ,of excellent quality and value for money. Sundays are busiests,with over 200 shops operating ,including a flea market. On weekdays between 11:00 and 16:00 hrs the markets varied shops are quieter ,expect at lunchtime ,when the choice of each places attracts the young crow. Copper and wooden decorations ,jewellery and regionally desşgned clothes are sold in the shops along the harbour and inside the castle. One of best place to by the famous jam and honey is at the Firiday Market, on the west side of town near the waterfront.

Icmeler is famous district of Marmaris with its great beach.Although Icmeler has small beach,it prefered by the people.Because Icmeler has big holiday centers and buildings.You can reach Marmaris in 10 minutes by shared taxi.If you are interest in diving,windsurf ..etc sports, Marmaris will take you. Icmeler is more silent than Marmaris.Icmeler have lots of alternatives fo eating,drinking and fun.

Dalyan is 5000 years old historical place. And it has great green plant cover. Dalyan's best features are healing hot springs and healing mud baths. Iztuzu Beach is very important place of Dalyan.İztuzu Beach's another feature;Caretta turtles lay eggs here.Dalyan's beach is the one in the world.Because one side Akdeniz another side is fresh water.Beach like gold and water like crystal.Dalyan Delta is a haven for bird observers.Hot springs must be seen.Ekincik Cov is preferenced by yachting people.

Turunc's old name Loryma Peninsula the present name Bozburun Peninsula, you can reach Marmaris for 30 minute by bus or boat. Turunc is near the Pine tree covered mountain. Turunc sea, shine while morning light.Turunc has a beatiful cove of Ege. Four stars otels and pensions serve and you can join the blu journey.You can see the tracks of lived civilizations ingreat green forests,mountain villages . The biggest civilization track is "Amos" city ruins. Turunc have big plans for the future.So it known by other countries.And Turunc rewarded by blue flag.Blue flag is a reward that is gave by Europa Environment Education Aware.


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