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  What is a bareboat charter?
A bareboat charter is an arrangement for the hiring of a boat, whereby no crew or provisions are included as party of the agreement. Person who rent the boat is responsible for taking care of such things and might be required to certify that there is a person in the crew who has competency to skipper a yacht.
  Do I qualify to charter a bareboat?
You or skipper of your crew should be capable of managing a yacht in that cruising area. Wind and sailing conditions of that particular area, size of yacht might require different experience levels. Proof of competency requirements vary from country to country, some countries including Greece, Majorca, Turkey and Crotia insist on written proof while others simply require a signed sailing resume. Please be advised that all charter companies reserve the right to place a skipper on board at the expense of the client if they feel there is any question of safety.
  Do you offer only bareboat charters?

No. Bookbareboat is a brand of Kutluay Yachting and you can visit for the services Kutluay Yachting provides. You can also visit our web page for gulet rentals, crewed yacht charters and cabin charters. Sailing schools enrollments, flotilla organizations are available on request, simply send us an email to  by indicating your interest.

  What is One-Way sail?

The yacht charter of which embarkation and disembarkation ports are different is called one way yacht charter. Here at we call this type of charter One Way Sail. In most cases request of disembarking at a port different than the embarking port is available upon additional payment. However based on the yacht’s existing bookings, one way sail options for the some specific periods and specific destinations are made available to the clients without any additional one way fee payments. You can see these promotional offers listed at the one way sail promotions page of and benefit from the reduced prices in addition to the different check in and check out bases.

  What is Last Minute sail?
As the charter date comes due, like the flight companies, the prices of charter fees go down without any change what has been offered. Therefore the cheapest option does not mean that you'll end up with a third rate holiday. However these promotions are limited and works on first come first serve basis. Due to the increasing number of late sailing holiday planners, the availability of these promotions are changing with
  Why should I be member to book or make an option?

To avoid the fraud actions and ensure the security of your personal data, asks for the sailor ID and password in the last stage of the bookings. Credit cards under the similar name of that member are accepted and the credit card holder, in other words that member is also required to be in the crew list of that booked yacht charter vacation unless change is requested and approved by the management of Therefore being a member of is a required condition to be able to make any bookings or options.

  How can I book or make an option?

By using either quick or detailed search options, both the yachts available for online booking and the yachts matching the search criteria but available on a request will be listed. You can compare any of them at the same time and select the yacht best matching your needs among them. If the yacht is available only on request then send us your request, team will contact you promptly. If the yacht is available for online booking once you select the yacht, the payment details and available optional extras for this yacht will be showed so that you will not face any hidden costs on the day of embarkation.  Once you are satisfied with the total price of yacht charter holiday, you can book or make an option by entering your sailor ID and password.

  What is the difference between booking and option?

Booking request will lead you to the online payment stage in order to complete the reservation of the selected yacht charter holiday. You will receive yacht operator’s contract immediately and within 24 hours your booking will be confirmed and voucher will be displayed at your personnal page.Please be advised to wait for the confirmation before you book your flights.
Option request will reserve the selected yacht charter holiday for you and this reservation will be kept for 3 days. By choosing option request, you will receive details of selected yacht charter holiday immediately so that you can forward it to your crew and have 3 days time to discuss before you book the selected yachting holiday. team will contact you promptly to complete your booking.

  What is included to the charter fee?

 Charter fee includes in minimum the rent of a yacht with its indicated equipment for that specific period of time. The equipment of the yacht varies and the equipment of a particular yacht can be found at that yacht’s details page. All our operators differ in exactly what is included on your charter, in some cases the charter fee includes augmented services and equipments such as end cleaning, towels, linens and outborder. You can check the miscellaneous equipment of a yacht to find out which additional equipments and services are included to the charter fee, besides you will be advised on confirmation what is included exactly.

  How and when can I make payments?

The total of charter fee and one way fee if applicable constitutes the cruise price. 40% of the cruise price is paid at the time of booking confirmation and the balance is due to the 6 weeks before the embarkation date. Wire money transfers and mail orders are the payment options. Soon online credit card payments will also be accepted. Both compulsory and optional extras are paid at the base on the day of embarkation.

  How can I cancel my booking?
You can contact the team to execute the cancellation. Cancellation policy depends about the time interval between the embarkation date and the cancellation date. Please refer to terms and conditions to find out the cancellation policy. 
  Do I need travel insurance?
It is in your own interest, you are advised to own suitable travel insurance including cancellation insurance to protect booking deposit, security deposit insurance to protect security deposit